was established in 2005 with the aim of providing debt collection services for banks, commercial industries, financial institutions and private debt matters, both in China mainland and Hong Kong. We are committed to providing legal, effective and professional services in the debt collection industry.
  Basing on the aim of protecting the clients’ interests, our team of high-calibre employees strives, through the use of advanced science technology system, and the use of lawful and effective ways, to maximize the debt recovery on behalf of our clients and safeguard the assets and interests of our clients without compromise their reputation on purpose.
  The transactions among Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan are very frequent in different terms, and the transactions dealing also creates debt problem. Debts occur in any field and most of business. Mainland is very serious, particularly. We provide professional collecting debts, saving the human and material resources of our client, safeguarding their benefits, protecting their honor and fame, avoiding any complaints against our client. We provide one-step service in order to collect the uncollectible debts because we have obtained the liaising network which consisted of solicitors, consultants and legal authorities.
  We will collect the debts with strategies and procedures in the acceptable, reasonable and legal way. All collection action will be executed under the “Rules & Regulations of Collectors”.