Telephone dunning:
Our collectors will execute dunning calls immediately when receiving new cases. We will negotiate the payment with debtors and/or their guarantors by phone. All conversations with debtors, their friends and relatives must be tape-recorded. Dunning letters will be sent by mail at the same time.
Outside door visit:
We will arrange visits to the debtors’ if there’s no immediate payment, we can not contact debtors by phone or it’s considered necessary. All outside door visit must be registered with the company and the number of collectors for each visit shall not be less than two. We will send dunning reminders by hand during the visit. Collectors are strictly forbidden to enter the house of the debtor during the dunning visit even when invited. Negotiations on the debt payment must be conducted in public areas (This rule does not apply to offices and factories). Further more, photos will be taken and conversations will be tape-recorded.
Land search and background search:
We will perform a land search or background search for the clients if necessary, so that the clients can know whether the debtors have commercial or domestic property or not, and then we take further collection action on the clients’ instruction.
Providing progress reports:
We will provide update status of all accounts on a monthly basis or clients’ request.
Confirming recovery and submitting invoice:
When the recovery amount is confirmed and received by the clients, we will submit invoice to the clients.