Clause content:

  • All collection activities must be carried out legally and be in accordance with the Laws of Hong Kong.
  • All copies of supporting documents related to a case should be supplied for our proof of validity.
  • The collector must produce his Staff Identity Card to the debtor in the course of dunning, clear stating:

    i) his identity (as a collector of Bonus Asset Management Ltd.);

    ii) the name of client he is acting for
  • The “Three NOTs”, including

    i) No collector shall use any false identity for the purpose of engaging in collection activities.

    ii) No false or erroneous information shall be used to induce the debtor to make repayment.

    iii) No anonymous dunning actions shall be permitted.
  • All conversations with debtors, their guarantors, friends and relatives, including telephone dunning and outside door visit must be tape-recorded.
  • All information about the client and the debtors must be treated in confidence, and the relevant documents (including dunning records) must be securely stored and placed under supervision. Should a collector handling such documents need to leave his desk, he must log out the computer and/or put the documents under lock and key and log before doing so.